portrait (magician archetype), 2022.

ongoing series 

The symbols are part of an ongoing “portrait” series. Like in THE REFLECTIONS WORKS I’m still referencing the phrase “As Above So Below.” This time, I’ve abandoned illustrative representation and allowed a symbol to emerge out of its clay composition. With my symbol, I’m drawing the Magician, the archetype who is often linked with that phrase and who can be thought of as a patron saint to artists. The Magician appears in both the Tarot’s Major Arcana and in psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s Liber Novus (1915-1930.) In both cases, The Magician is a creative force, a conduit between the conscious and the unconscious, and a channel for the rational and the irrational to merge. Carl Jung proposed that symbols are the only way to express the conscious and unconscious mind. My symbol: the 6-pronged, mirrored figure, serves as a shorthand for the Magician.